Back to studying

Today is the 1st day of my master course. It’s quite early to give out a conclusion but I like this course. Leeds Met is not an excellent university in the UK but it’s better than any Vietnamese schools I’ve ever known. Yup, they’re professional. I’ve got an Student ID which is useful. As a student, I can access the Online library and there’s a wide range of books. In addition, I’ve got my own school email account which will be used to submit my assignments


Leeds Metropolitan University

I’m wondering if I could make friends at this course or not. The truth is I’m the youngest student in my class, the one who is totally fresh when the average age of students is about 26 and almost them have some years of working experience.  There were 2 men sit at front of me and after just a half of day, I soon realized they’re bitchy. The good news is Connor, my tutor is not only a young but also handsome guy (^__^)


The schedule is hard 😦 6-9pm every weekday and 8.30am-12pm & 1.30-4pm at weekend. Our prof.  John said we have to spend 5 hours to self-study at home for every single class-hour. Haizz, how could I manage my life for this? Ya, just a minute for complains, haha, I guess I can do it well (over confident, huh?)


Last but not least, I like LM’s logo. A violet rose 😀 such a romantic thing!


Tonight, I went out for dinner with Mr. Phong. Because we haven’t met for weeks, there’re so many things to told each other. Yeup, both of us are so talkative birds :)) Thank, guy. You’re one of my for-ever best friends.


Okay, that’s enough for today, good night my friends and my man.

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